Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Watch Out For This Cellphone Scam

I got a suspicious call last week, actually. Someone called saying they were from Sprint and they wanted to offer me a free phone upgrade or some nonsense like that. I told him that this was a cell phone, there was no reason for him to call me on it, and to take me off their list. The guy responded that he was from my cell phone company. I told him that was bullshit as the phone he was calling was a Cingular phone. I repeated my request to take me off his list, and he said "What list?"

The whole call really pissed me off. There was something weird about it, and the guy acting coy about whatever list my number was from didn't help. I think it may have been the same scam, only targeted towards the previous owner of my phone line; I've gotten calls for her in the past.



[Source: Watch Out For This Cellphone Scam - Consumerist Comments]
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