Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Watch Out For This Cellphone Scam

I'm in a cingular corporate store, and we do have an outbound call system that is preloaded with offers for customers, the same as the VZW post above me.

How it works is we call the customer and offer them what the system shows would be best for them (often it is, other times it's not far off). We have to take a class that trains you on outbound calls (telemarketing) before your allowed to use this system.

Just a FYI: Features do not expire and will stay on your account until you change them. If and I strongly say if a feature will be changing, you will be notified on your bill, not by a phone call.

It sounds like the person from the agent store was trying to get over by making a quick commission on a "new feature".



[Source: Watch Out For This Cellphone Scam - Consumerist Comments]
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