Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Low Down Dirty Shame about owner Philip Kim

I am reporting this information anonymous of threats I have recieved on exposing this Philip Kim who is a fraud and a Scam who owns and

During the time Officetronics has been opened in business there business model has changed to ripping of consumers and goverment agencies by selling used and refurbished products to them as actual new products.  During the time I worked there they went as far as damaging products themselves to claim insurance money from UPS as high as over 100K during the time I had worked there.  He wrote fake invoices from companies that supposedly inspected the products and gave qutoes on them.  Also products that were suppose to be goverment compliant to be sold to our boys in War like the Army, Navy, Marines were sold products that were made in China. When specifially they requested goverment compliant products that had serial numbers removed and added back on to look as if they were compliant.  Who knows what our boys in Iraq are dealing with on these inferior products.  Because of people coming foward on the SCAM and Fraud at Officetronics Philip Kim has decided to open a new company called and think that American's would not notice.  I am here to change that by allowing people know who this guy is. He has defrauded the public for millions of dollars.  If anyone that knows marketing will understand that opening a new company without branding is a tough business.  Since Philip Kim knows that he has burned his old business by opening a new one he thinks were stupid.  NOT I!!!  Below are examples of how Philip Kim is using companies and his co-workers to manipulate the search engines to hide all his negative reviews.

If you go to you will notice if you punch in this url:

Officetronics / ishopit are writing Blog Farm Style marketing that Google Frowns Upon. This company is manipulating search engines and of course I have reported them to Google who doesn't take these things very lightly.  Officetronics / ISHOPIT methods of defrauding the public is bad but there marketing is unethtical and poor.

Also you will notice on these message blogs you search using "ishopit" you will see repeats of articles over and over that ishopit has written themselves. One that caught my eye is this one! ( Here is another spam article posted by what you see is a article about hiding negative reviews by a shady company called - This company helps shady companies like officetronics and ishopit hide negative reviews that Americans have written to show transparency about a company.  With Obama being elected I expected companies to change there business practice since accountability and transparency was one of his goals.  This company is representing all the wrong things a business is in America. They are hiding bad reviews and cheating Americans.  PLUS American who sales electronic whiteboards is a partner with these companies and let me tell you how horrible there products are. They are made of cheap plastic and are assembled in China.  DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS. This company is endorsing Officetronics and Ishopit to move its products! American's need to organize and boycott companeis that endorse bad companies!!!

This arrived in my email and I think that the public should be aware of this so I am reposting it.

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